The population of the earth has the opportunity to generate clean energy sources, we are still in time, no waiting, we use the wind and its immense potential.

Wind energy for life.

Eolos Greek God could not possibly imagine to where the man with the use of wind come. The wind is an inexhaustible resource that is available to anyone living on earth. Large ocean circulations that arise due to solar radiation, wind flow generated at continental level. These winds reach the coast up through the different landforms of the country some more strength and other generating new currents.


Technology for the welfare of all.


Wind energy is the cleanest renewable energy, ie not cause greater environmental impact at the time of its construction and installation. Also found in areas where high frequency of winds with optimal speed (12 m / sec) are very efficient machines in capturing kinetic energy of the wind.
The alternative for industrial and agricultural consumption.​​

SOLARIS carries out the design and installation of wind systems, we use 600 turbines up to 6 kW of power turbines Bornay brand and brand Skystream 2.5 Kw

          Aerogenerador bormay 6kw

You will notice that it is possible a turbine at home

​The bornay manufacturing wind turbines are Spanish, it is a brand with great recognition in the market, having more than 40 years of experience in the design and construction of this type of technology.


 Aerogenerador bornay  600 w