Another form of solar energy found in plants, animals and other organic material that exists in the biosphere is biomass, all plants that are performing photosynthesis are using solar radiation to chemical energy becomes in turn cells and tissues. There are different types of biomass; wood, agricultural residues, organic solid waste which are the substrate for energy generation. Biomass is perhaps the best option to generate power at low cost and eliminate environmental liabilities.

This company is convinced that biodigesters are the main option in the rural sector to produce energy through biogas generated in biodigesters. The agricultural sector, for example, could benefit from this technology because they need heating, electric power and must solve the problem of animal waste.

The result is biodigestion biogas fuel containing 60% methane, 30% carbon dioxide and 5% of other gases including hydrogen sulphide.
Anaerobic Reactors designed and installed tubular type and type Chinese, are very efficient systems have excellent adaptation to different climates in the country.


Thanks to the bio-digestion anaerobic bacteria is possible, the process is carried out in optimal physicochemical conditions for the proper metabolism of these microorganisms.

Indy Digestor

"He wants to have free fuel at home and thereby remove the organic fraction of waste, it is time to think about you and the environment."

Tubular digester
Biodigestores are horizontal tubular opening ditches in the ground to place a polyethylene plastic in a cylinder which will function reactor storage tank and biogas. The reactor consists of the entrance and exit of the substrate or biological sludge which can be used as organic fertilizer, the flow in this reactor is shown in the following figure:
Indy Digstors

The Hindu Biodigestores type are those vertical flow, they need a masonry work, they are installed under the floor to one or two meters from the surface.
Tubular digestor
flow way
Flow way
Fuente: La compostera S A
Fuente: La compostera S A
Fuente: La compostera S A
Fuente: La compostera S A