Solar energy is the source of several natural processes occurring on earth, one of them is photosynthesis that draws power from the visible radiation and used to synthesize chlorophyll. It also generates global warming that allows movement of the winds and circulation of these solar energy planetario.La level when it reaches the ground, it loses its strength by physical phenomena occurring in the atmosphere such as absorption, reflection, convection retain part of the energy that comes from space. Approximately 38% of this energy reaches the Earth's surface, enough to generate electricity for the whole planet.
PV  Energy
Thanks to the discovery of semiconductors, was achieved directly convert solar energy into electrical resulting in solar panels. Solar cells use a bromine-phosphorus alloy for undoped silicon wafers and thereby generate the partial effect which leads to electron of an electron of a silicon atom otro.Cuando direct sunlight reaches the panels, incites this leap.



This is known as the photovoltaic effect that manages to give power to thousands of people in the world.

SOLARIS, designs and installs solar photovoltaic systems in industries, homes, universities, colleges, cattle ranches, haciendas, public institutions, and other companies and sectors that need solar energy. In addition to this, we conduct training on installation and commissioning of the components of the solar system.

  FV System

We work with solar panels from 30W to 200W Brand BYP, KYOCERA and SHARP, which have high reliability, high efficiency and guarantee up to 10 years in its components.

LPanel BYP /130W

Ecological house

Solaris collaborated with the implementation of a sustainable house in the town of Cajica. The company was responsible for the installation of photovoltaic system that has the following characteristics:

Power: 2 Kw
Panels No: 8 245 wp
Batteries: 6 100Ah
Regulators: 3 of 35 A
Inverter: 1 1.5 Kw
Voltage: 24 V

Days of autonomy: 3

The system is divided into three subsystems:

1. 2 solar panels 1 solar refrigerator (24V)
2. 3 solar panels for AC loads (110V)
3. 3 solar panels for loads in DC (24V)

Each subsystem has a charge controller that will conenctados to 6 batteries.

The arrangement of the battery is two for each subsystem, connected in series to have a voltage of 24 volts.

Water Heating

Another way to use solar radiation sanitary water heating. solar collectors are used, which retain solar energy to heat water. There are two types of collectors; planes using a current sink and a glass, to capture the most solar rays possible, and are the vacuum tube collectors using glass vacuum bars to capture sunlight and maintain as high a temperature as possible.


We install solar collectors Heat pipe thermal planes and brand capacity ranging from 70 lt to 300 lt, may be useful to provide hot water to homes, industrial processes that require steam, water system precalentaría to 70 ° C (this value depends on direct solar radiation on the site), they can be used in hospitals, hotels and any entity that requires domestic hot water.

Solar heater for pool

We install solar heating systems for swimming pools in homes, closed sets, recreational farms, use plastic AquaPlus sensors.

Heater 200lt

Solar Devices
Electric Fence Energizer 40 km

Electric Fence Energizer 40 km

Solar Pumping Inverser 3Kw

Grid Interconnected system 
Solar pumping controler

"It is time to harness solar energy, applications of this technology will give benefits in your home, in their quality of life, and in their environment ... What do you expect?"